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Information on the city of Wanganui

The “Wanganui" website portal is a local initiative, independently developed by Webquest Ltd. 
It has been designed to provide information about events, activities, business products and services, and other items of local interest – these include classifieds, births and funeral notices, sports draws, event ticket sales, an online shop, and columns.

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Wanganui is located close to the mouth of the Whanganui River, 200 kilometres north of the capital city, Wellington.

Easily accessible by air and road, from Taupo, New Plymouth, Palmerston North and Wellington, Wanganui is an ideal visitor destination and abounds with historic buildings, beautiful parks, beaches, lakes and the home of a rich Maori cultural heritage. 

The mighty Whanganui River is a centrepoint for the city, featuring stunning public art, walkways and cafes. Sport facilities are the best in New Zealand and the heart of Heartland Rugby. No visitor to New Zealand wants to miss this beautiful and dynamic city.

It enjoys a temperate climate, with slightly above the national average sunshine (2100 hours per annum), and about 900 mm of annual rainfall. Several frosts are experienced in winter.

Much of the city is on the river's northwest bank. The river is crossed by four bridges - Cobham Bridge, City Bridge, Dublin Street Bridge and Aramoho Railway Bridge (rail and pedestrians only). Close to the southeast end of the City Bridge is one of Wanganui's more unusual features, an elevator leading to a monument on the top of Durie Hill.

For those of us that live here, we love what it has to offer – but hey, don’t take our word for it, click here to read what Urbis Magazine has got to say, orclick here to view the recent article in the Kia Ora magazine.)

Key Facts

Mayor: Mrs Annette Main

Population: Wanganui District: 42,639

The Meaning of Whanganui

Whāngā nui means big bay or big harbour. Europeans called it Petre (pronounced Peter), after Lord Petre, an officer of the New Zealand Company, but the name did not persist.

Wanganui Is Renowned For Its Sports Facilities

With many parks, playgrounds and sports fields spread all over Wanganui, the town is incredibly well positioned to provide that outdoor lifestyle, another example of the family friendly culture we offer. Sport plays a big part in the day to day life while our fabulous venues provide the facilities for the regular events we hold.

Cooks Gardens is not only famous as the track at which Peter Snell broke the world mile record but also features one of the best Velodromes in the world.

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