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Published: 24 Jan 2019 - - Author: Newsroom

10th January 2020


Further local investment in student accommodation


The Collegiate Motor Inn in Liverpool St., Whanganui has been purchased as accommodation for international students undertaking their training at the New Zealand International Commercial Pilot Academy (NZICPA).


WDC Holdings Ltd., which has previously purchased the former Nazareth Rest Home on St Johns Hill in 2019 for the first intake of cadet students from Indian Airline, IndiGo, has now secured the additional accommodation required by their subsidiary company, NZICPA.

Currently renovations at Nazareth are nearing completion, and will provide accommodation, catering and a base for the first group of students from India, due to arrive in a few weeks.


Annette Main, Chair of WDCHL said “ By mid-year, NZICPA will require accommodation for a further 75 international students, so when the opportunity arose to purchase an existing accommodation property to fill this need, we saw this as an excellent location.

NZICPA is providing classroom training and fixed simulator training for their students from their base at Whanganui Airport, and now at the former St Georges School in Grey St, so a large group of students will now have accommodation with only a few minutes walk necessary for a good proportion of their training needs.

We are fortunate that this property has been made available in a central area at a time when property is becoming less easy to source.”


Mayor Hamish McDouall said “ The expansion into the international market by NZICPA has been incredible. That more accommodation is required is a testament to its success as a contributor to our local and regional economy. The purchase of the Collegiate Motor Inn means that there will be no impact on the rental housing market from these new international students living in Whanganui, and the demand for housing our region is experiencing will not be exacerbated.”


Matt Doyle, who chairs the Board of NZICPA agrees, saying, “The intensive course of study these students are undertaking here in Whanganui requires considerable focus and adherence to strict principles.

Most, if not all of these students will never have left their home country, and life in New Zealand will be a very new and challenging experience for them.

Our responsibility to their families and funders, is to give them every opportunity to succeed, and we know this is more achievable by accommodating them in the well managed and supportive environment our live-in facilities provide.”



Annette Main

Chair, Whanganui District Council Holdings Ltd.

Ph. 021466486

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