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Ministry Of Health Discussions Clarified
Published: 03 Oct 2016 - - Author: Mayor / WDC

Media release – 3 October 2016

Ministry of Health Discussions Clarified

Top level discussions between the Whanganui District Council and the Ministry of Health have provided clarity on comment made in an election candidate’s advertisement in relation to the new wastewater treatment plant, Whanganui Mayor Annette Main said today.

“Last week direct discussions were held between our Chief Executive Kym Fell and the Ministry of Health Chief Executive and Director-General Chai Chuah concerning the new wastewater treatment plant,” Mayor Main said.

“The Ministry has advised the Council that they concur with the findings and recommendations of the peer review reports. Their questions over recent months have been appropriately considered and satisfactorily addressed, and the Ministry has also advised that they have no further technical advice or comment to offer to the Council.

“The Ministry communication said that while they recognise there is a shared interest in protecting the public health, the Ministry also recognises that the Council is responsible and accountable for the management of Whanganui’s wastewater and ensuring that any proposed plan identifies and manages, or mitigates, potential public health risks in the design, build and operation of the plant.

“I am pleased that the relationship between the Council and the Ministry has been clarified and their questions relating to the new wastewater treatment plant have been resolved. With construction now underway the community can look forward to a reliable, sustainable and affordable wastewater treatment plant in 2019.”

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