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LANDLORDS LINK is a dedicated business committed to providing Quality Rental Property services to the Whanganui and surrounding Regions.

Where To Find Us

21 Dublin Street, Wanganui 4500
06 - 347 2602



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About Us

  • Properties for rent, Properties for rent Wanganui. Rental properties, Rental properties Wanganui. Property management, property management Wanganui. Landlords Link is an Independent Property Management Company which is 100% focused on Providing Quality Properties and Management Services to Wanganui and the surrounding regions.

Residential Property Rental & Management

Property Management being our CORE Business, we are not distracted by other activities and we can concentrate solely on superior service levels.

Established in March 2004, Landlords Link has grown to be Wanganui’s finest Residential Property Management organisation with exceptional customer service.


Communication is paramount, we keep you up to date with everything involving your investment and pride ourselves in Linking Top Quality Properties with Top Quality tenants.

Opening Hours

Monday through Friday - 9.00 am to 5.00 pm (unless prior arrangements have been made).

Member of LPMNZ 

Landlords Link is a member of LPMNZ Leading Property Managers of New Zealand and a member of the IPMA Independant Property Managers Association , this enables us to keep up to date with the latest ideas and products availableto Property Managers as well as providing a code of practice we must follow.

 Privately and 100% NZ Owned


Managing Director

Tracey has a Passion for Property.

Tracey has been owner operator since the business was established in 2004.

Tracey is dedicated to providing you with quality property management services.

Tracey can be contacted on 
027 421 7555

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