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Meteor Printers is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality product and service.

Where To Find Us

23-27 Ridgway St, Wanganui 4500
06 - 349 2630



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About Us

  • Welcome to 'Meteor OPD'

METEOR OFFICE PRODUCT DEPOT is part of a nationwide 100% kiwi owned business supplying great service and products.

Get all your photocopying, plan printing, stationery, business machines & acessories, furniture, cafeteria and janitorial needs, plus much, much more...

Order online or by phone and if you're local we'll deliver it FREE!

Meteor Copy Centre not only boasts some of the best digital copy machines available but has skilled staff who know how to get the best prints and copies from them.

We have recently purchased a Fuji Xerox 3030 Doco Wide Printer. It prints up to a massive A0 document with superior print quality. The 3030 can email to hardcopy and store to memory for future printing. lt remains the only one of its kind in the region.

At Meteor OPD you know you will be getting a quality print second to none.

• Full Colour digital
• Black and White
• Collating
• Folding
• Stapling
• Binding
• Data Based Personalised Copying
• Building Plans 

Files can be email to:

you want it... we got it!

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