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Houses, Flats & Units for Rent. The Rent Centre offers Property Management and also Storage Facilities.

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18 Bell Street, Wanganui, 5001
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Houses, Flats And Units For Rent
Property Management
Storage Facilities


We specialise in Property Management so are not diverted from the important job of looking after YOUR property.

As a member of the Property Management Division of the Real Estate Institute of New Zealand, the Rent Centre is kept up to the minute with advances in Property Management, and our staff attend specialist seminars and group discussions throughout the year.

Our systems are designed to save you from the paper war that most Landlords find themselves in as soon as they enter the rental market. All our contracts and documents are written in plain, no-nonsense language for speedy, clear understanding.

You will receive a monthly rental statement (by email if you wish) showing your tenant, the dates paid from and to, deductions, and the amount to be credited into your bank account. Payment to you is made by computer transfer on the first working day of the new month, with fully cleared funds.

A thorough knowledge of the Residential Tenancies Act is essential to manage your property effectively, and our staff are fully conversant with all aspects of the Act and the working of the Tenancy Mediation and Tribunal Services.


Handing over the responsibility of rent recording and collection to us eliminates one of the landlord's greatest concerns. Knowing that your rent is going to be paid on time and worry-free is vital to profitable management and peace of mind. The entire rent roll is checked for rent arrears on a daily basis, and any necessary steps taken.


The Tenancy Information Centre New Zealand is a database solely recording defaulting tenants throughout New Zealand.

This enables us to gain information not only from our own locality and resources, but also from Property Managers throughout Australasia. The system allows us to list our defaulting tenants from the time of arrears, thus decreasing the possibility of tenants relocating, leaving a trail of debts. Any default stays on the database for five years after the debt is paid in full, reducing the risk of renting to a default tenant.

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