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About Us


    We welcome your initiative to consider listing your business or service with Wanganui
    Traditional media simply doesn't reach the greater market these days. Habits have changed - people want it now and they want it online.
    For the cost of less than one small advertisement in a geographically restricted newspaper, magazine or brochure, we can provide you with an animated listing for a whole year - and people who find you don't even need to have searched for you by name - viewers invariably search for a product or service through Google search! Furthermore, people are not using phone books these days, they simply search the net, and we can provide you with that exposure you need. Add to that the leverage you get from your presence in a Wanganui portal and this marketing opportunity is one you don't want to miss out on.

    Who is and What Does It Do?

    The “Wanganui" website portal is a local initiative, independently developed by Webquest Ltd. It is targeted at the local Wanganui market, designed to provide information about Events, Activities, Business Products and Services, and other items of local interest – these include Classifieds, Births and Funeral Notices, Sports Draws, Event Ticket Sales, an Online Shop, and Columnists.

    Why List With Wanganui 

    There are many but four main reasons might be:
    1) An online presence is a must! We can provide that -these days, people simply search online for everything they want, at the time they want to know. Traditional media is behind the times.
    2) Smart Marketing! We provide the awareness - with over 10,000 visits per month and over half a million hits per month and over 11,000 Facebook friends, we bring the clients to you.
    3) At less than $7.00 a week, it is incredible value! For the price of a one day advertisement in the newspaper, we provide exposure for your business or organisation all year round – with no geographical boundaries. As opposed to the traditional platforms of advertisements, this listing is also inexplicably linked to the web world. So people can find you by not only searching for you as a specific name but also by product or service, resulting in considerably more new leads and potentially more business. We also provide a link directly to your website. 
    4) It doubles as a website! If you do not currently have a website, then simply register your website name and we will direct it to this business listing. A very cost effective solution to having that online presence.
     You not only get exposure through your “industry” listing but also byleverage from being found “by association” with the site eg. someone staying in Wanganui may want to know about “Things To Do”; someone attending an Event may be looking for Accommodation; someone viewing a Funeral Notice may want to send flowers; and so it goes on.
     With over 10,000 visits per month, over half a million hits per month and over 11,000 Facebook friends, we bring the clients to you.
     You leverage off the fact that this is a portal website – that means that people who visit Wanganui for one reason or another, often then browse the likes of the Business services, so you attract those visitors by association
     We have the Facebook group in the name of “Wanganui” – this has over 4200 Facebook members who are linked to our website "by association", dramatically increasing the traffic  numbers to the website
     The target market is the Wanganui community and by nature of the information provided, it attracts return visitors so increasing the daily traffic numbers.

    What Are The Listing Options and How Much Does It Cost?

    Full Listing In One Category, with content consisting of an overview page, up to 100 words of text, 5 images, and a link through to your e-mail address and/or website.                                                         $365.00 + GST pa
    (NB. You may list in up to 3 sub-categories within a directory).

    Additional Category Listing - you may have more than one service, hence the need to be  in more than one directory.            $182.50 + GST pa
    (NB. You may list in up to 3 sub-categories within a directory).

    Name and Address Listing ( phone number and/or e-mail address)                                                                                                     $99.00 + GST pa

    Payment Options

    Your payment options include: 
                 1) $365.00 + GST per annum payable on invoice; or 
                  2) $100.00 + GST per month payable by Direct Debit (minimum 3 month period)

    Advertise Your Business, Product or Service on

    Stand out from the crowd! We also have a number of places on the website that offer you the opportunity to advertise your product or service.
    Each category in the business listing area has both a slideshow for promotion, and a text area on the right to list your business or promotion eg.that might be the likes of a restaurant doing a “free bottle of wine with your meal” or a retailer doing a discount or a “two for one offer”. This is your opportunity to showcase that offer.

    We would be delighted to discuss the various options and the respective cost  and invite you to contact us for more information.


    Need a website? Already have a website?

    If you already have a website, the business listing will provide a “link” through to it. By having a website, you are in a position to promote yourself fully.Ideally, that is what we would like to see for all listings – a website link.

     If you do not currently have a website, we’d love to assist you. And it doesn’t have to be expensive! Our “Simple Website” packages start at only $495.00 + GST.


    If this opportunity appeals to you, please complete the form below and we will have someone contact you asap. Alternatively, if you need to know more, we'd be delighted to answer any queries you have. Thank you for your interest.


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