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Lighting Up The Dublin Street Bridge – Feedback Invited
Published: 13 May 2016

Lighting Up The Dublin Street Bridge – Feedback Invited

Whanganui District Cr Rob Vinsen was involved with the organisation of the re-enactment ceremony for the 100th Anniversary of the Dublin St Bridge in November 2014. Since then Rob has been working with Trevor Strong of Evolve Lighting to floodlight the grand old bridge. “It’s taken a while “ said Rob “ but now the trial span is ready for public viewing and feedback.

Rob will apply for funding for the project from local community trusts to enable the lighting to be rolled out across all nine spans. Public support will be vital to the success of this “I would like to hear some feedback to support my applications – and I would especially like some more professional photo’s than I have been able to provide myself.”


So if you’ve got a suitable image, please upload it or send it through to Thanks!


There are options for controlling the lighting sequence and colours “I think I would prefer a single colour across the bridge and change it daily, weekly, or seasonally”

What do you think? Love to get your input so please comment below or e-mail Cr Rob Vinsen on

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Cr Rob Vinsen

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