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MP In Court
Published: 24 Nov 2016
Author: Russell Eades, Wanganui

Monday’s Chronicle updated us on the ridiculous charges against our local MP following a meeting he had with another MP in March.

Two people thought it was their right to stand in front of a moving vehicle, to “make their point” as it were, about the TPPA agreement.

This is clearly a Central Government issue, and while lobbying / protesting efforts should be put to our local MP, and Central Government, and not imposed on Council because it suits the Lunatic fringe, these protesters should also take some responsibility for their actions. Chester has an office in town and his assistant will arrange a meeting with him, as is the case with anybody else who wants to talk to him.

Sorry Chester, man the ramparts, the protesters may be on their way.

Be careful not to impose your personal rights or you may end up back in court in another farcical hearing, like the current one which gives precedence to the “rights” of some to intentionally stand in the way of a moving vehicle and then complain when they get run over.

Mind you, some in the country can assault a police officer and get a slap on the hand - the “rich daddy doctrine”. Or assault several people and have no conviction as it may affect your their rugby career. Where is justice?

There is nothing that our Council can do to influence this government action, so continued letters demanding council action are a waste of time and effort.

Chester, you may wish to sponsor a new piece of legislation that deals with the actions of protesters, where they intentionally break the law and put themselves in front of vehicles, to force others to hear their viewpoint, and infringing the rights of others preventing access to buildings, properties etc

Having a view is everybody’s right, expressing it is part of that right also, but there is no corresponding right to force your views on to anybody else by blocking roads, standing in driveways, chaining themselves to gates etc

That is my view, expressed in a way that does not affect the rights of others.



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