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What is good for Auckland is also good for Whanganui
Published: 28 Sep 2016
Author: Jim White

An opinion piece by lead Herald journalist Bernard Orsman, An Open Letter to the New Auckland Mayor is well worth reading. 

It’s worth reading because what he says is also true about Whanganui

“Call it what you like, a failure of leadership, a lack of transparency and accountability, poor communications - Aucklanders Whanganui ratepayers have (sic) a very poor opinion of council.

There is a widespread feeling that the bureaucrats are running council, and running rings around the elected representatives.

There is a widespread feeling that the seven council-controlled organisations (CCOs) are out of control.

The balance between strong political governance and a responsive, high-performing bureaucracy is out of kilter.

Council officers and subsidiary organisations are making decisions that catch elected representatives unaware.

In fact, councillors read the Herald Chronicle to find out what is happening at council.

Restoring public confidence in council must be a high priority. The same goes for greater transparency and accountability. You must exert authority over the council bureaucracy and keep them on a short leash.

And finally, Auckland Whanganui needs a fresh direction.”

Jim White

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