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WWTP - Burden On Ratepayers
Published: 20 Aug 2016
Author: Ian Brougham

Dear Editor,

Those councillors that voted or the new $41 million waste water plant should be kicked out of office, and the new chief executive should be sacked. There are three people on the present council are not standing again and yet they are prepared to put us in debt they wouldn’t leave the waste water system for the incoming new council to deal with it.

A letter that was sent to councillors from Troy Lambly Affco plant manager saying that the company can state emphatically it will not be part of the proposed scheme which could see waste water charges increase more than 100 per  cent. He also said the idea of increasing fees to his company was unrealistic . We will not use the current scheme proposed by council, this tells it all.

You have put a burden on most of the Wanganui ratepayers especially the low income workers and the pensioners who will see their rates go up more just to pay for this new plant where they could have voted to reinstated the old plant at the approximate cost of $12 million this would have saved ratepayers around $30 million.

Yours sincerely

Ian Brougham

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