Councillor's Remuneration Fair Value?

6th Jul 2021


"On average a Whanganui councillor is paid $40,182 and the mayoral pay packet is $138,000 ...."

Interesting to read this article BUT ..... it really isn't as simple as 'salary'.

The democratic process of voting means that not always the best and most capable candidates who stand actually get elected while others, because they are well known, do. That results in different levels of expertise and commitment yet they all get paid the same remuneration.

Surely, that is where it is fundamentally wrong. Maybe Council could be made up of a certain number of democratically elected individuals and the others as effectively 'job applicants' so you got the best into Chair positions on the various committees?

We suspect the public will think that some councillors should be paid more for their skillset and the amount of work they do, while some, maybe less on the same basis. And the same applies to the Mayor.

From the article:

Mayor Hamish McDouall states:

"I'm paid very well and I don't seek any further remuneration, but some of our councillors work so hard for what would be a good average wage, but really, some of our councillors are working well beyond a 40-hour week."